Brave New Digital World: From Content to Commerce


Gian Fulgoni, comScore Executive Chairman and Co-Founder


comScore Presentation

As the average consumer’s screen time expands, so do the opportunities and challenges for marketers.  comScore executive chairman and co-founder Gian Fulgoni presented core principles needed by all to embrace “Brave New Digital World: From Content to Commerce” at the 2013 Festival of Media in Montreux, Switzerland.

Below are some of the key points discussed in this presentation.

It’s a multi-platform world, as smartphones and tablets drive one in three minutes spent online:

  • Top web properties extend their audience reach significantly through mobile channels
  • Mobile-only access accounts for 20% or more of the audience for top properties
  • More screens means more overall consumption: it’s not a zero sum game
  • Media companies and retailers are extending the total reach of their audience via smartphones and tablets

The power of digital is in targeting, as dynamics are changing with commerce fueling advertising in a tight feedback loop:

  • Targeting according to behavior: buying and /or browsing
  • Emergence of the retailer as a targeted advertising platform
  • Real-time optimization of digital media plan delivery increases targeting accuracy, viewability and ROI